SINCE 1996
Our Legacy
Fabian's Restaurant was established in 1996 by Fabian Botta, whose
vision was to create an unforgettable, intimate fine dining experience.
By gathering all the local and organic products he could find each day
and verbally presenting that evenings' unique menu to his guests, he
created what has become a culinary landmark for Winston-Salem and the
entire region. Fabian himself has moved on to other artistic endeavors. Bill Smith passionately preserved the Fabian tradition and built a local legacy. Bill Smith took the hearts of the people through their mouths. Our beloved Bill was suddenly taken by illness. He is survived through his family at Fabian's and his dear wife, Diana.

Jonathan Walker humbly accepts to preserve the integrity of the Fabian legacy. Jonathan began his culinary career under the wing of his successor and will continue to craft the same
signature dishes while harmoniously expressing his own creative ideas.

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